Monday, July 26, 2010

we are underused

i've been to sea! i taught writing and lived on this boat. cant't you guys tell that i'm such a great writer!?!?! i ate this chowder:

actually i didn't eat things like this on the boat. this was pre-boat obligatory clam chowder. i also paid a visit to my slacker co-blogger in boston.
but now i'm back and i made something so sick today! gather 'round.
it's really hot in nyc. i had ambitions of an asian slaw or some kind of pickled kraut, but whatever. these things involved planning, buying certain kinds of things i don't own like mayonnaise and sesame oil and so forth. i did a different thing.

*1 can of corn. i used to be really opposed to canned corn and imagined it didn't align with some kind of invisible value system that i whip out when convenient, but then my friend jesse helped me see that it was ok and delicious and so whatever. use real corn if you want. i'll respect you for it.
*1 can of garbanzo beans
*1 lime, or more if you like it super limey
*2 fresh jalapeno peppers, or 1 if you're cautious, or none if you're not fun or cool.
*cherry tomatoes, cut in half.
*a lot of cilantro
*drizzle of olive oil, small squirt of sriracha, salt, pepper. you know.

so mix the corn, beans, tomato, chopped jalapeno and cilantro in a bowl. squeeze lime juice and a little little bit of sriracha on it, olive oil, salt, pepper. you get something like this.

my sriracha bottle is tweaking.

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