Monday, July 26, 2010

we are underused

i've been to sea! i taught writing and lived on this boat. cant't you guys tell that i'm such a great writer!?!?! i ate this chowder:

actually i didn't eat things like this on the boat. this was pre-boat obligatory clam chowder. i also paid a visit to my slacker co-blogger in boston.
but now i'm back and i made something so sick today! gather 'round.
it's really hot in nyc. i had ambitions of an asian slaw or some kind of pickled kraut, but whatever. these things involved planning, buying certain kinds of things i don't own like mayonnaise and sesame oil and so forth. i did a different thing.

*1 can of corn. i used to be really opposed to canned corn and imagined it didn't align with some kind of invisible value system that i whip out when convenient, but then my friend jesse helped me see that it was ok and delicious and so whatever. use real corn if you want. i'll respect you for it.
*1 can of garbanzo beans
*1 lime, or more if you like it super limey
*2 fresh jalapeno peppers, or 1 if you're cautious, or none if you're not fun or cool.
*cherry tomatoes, cut in half.
*a lot of cilantro
*drizzle of olive oil, small squirt of sriracha, salt, pepper. you know.

so mix the corn, beans, tomato, chopped jalapeno and cilantro in a bowl. squeeze lime juice and a little little bit of sriracha on it, olive oil, salt, pepper. you get something like this.

my sriracha bottle is tweaking.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to the victor go the spoils

food is exciting, yes, we know, but i want it to be more exciting, and the only ways i know to do this are 1) through the excessive spillage of sriracha onto everything i face, and 2) a little healthy competition. i have wanted to host an eating contest since fall/winter of 2009, but i couldn't decide what food to include. should it be a matter of valiant quantity, or a challenge of speed??? overwhelmed by the entire prospect of regulation, i decided to defer this dream until i could consider it free from the distraction that is (was) college.
recently i met the sandwich that warranted competition:

the cemita from cafe ollin. bye college! you don't distract me anymore!

i hope that this picture offers an indication of the size of this sandwich. it was huge, like a shoebox. the sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, oaxaca cheese, avocado, beans, and meat of your choosing. i wanted to go for chicken, because that seemed manageable. when i got there my competitors and i were informed they didn't "have chicken" that day. i boldly went with milanesa (breaded beef). oh, i forgot. the cemita was also doused with some kind of smokey chili sauce. sick.

meet my competitors:

michael "eat-all" goldsmith

and rebecca "doesn't" stahl

the sandwich was delicious, so in a way, we are all victors. in a more accurate way, michael is the victor because he finished his entire sandwich first. i finished the whole sandwich as well (and with grace), but michael really went gnarly on it, and i respect him for that. becca didn't finish hers because she was about to go to work (at an establishment meant to sell "responsible" food, ironically) and she just couldn't carry that around inside her for 7 hours. fair. everyone submitted a stellar effort, and i would love to compete against or alongside either of these friends at any time or place.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

take a bao(guette)

I am always on the hunt for a catfish sandwich smothered in sriracha, especially where cilantro is involved. When i heard that there was a promising one on the menu at Baoguette, I ran there in order to compare it with the various fish sandwiches I've had from num pang.

so here he is:

The breakdown is as follows: tender catfish that seemed to be in chunks, not a cohesive filet, which was fine. there was enough stability, which to me, is crucial in a sandwich. Cilantro, pickled red onion, honey mustard aioli, and a cucumber relish all came along for the ride. The mustard aioli was amazing. I was skeptical, but it provided a flavorful sweetness and kept things moist. The onions were also sweet. The sandwich almost veered too much toward sweet, except for two very important spicy rescuers: jalapenos and sriracha. I ordered mine "medium" and it came with both of these on it. There wasn't enough sriracha, but luckily each table has its own bottle. The jalapenos were fresh, not pickled. The catfish had a great texture, but was not seasoned as well as Num Pang's. This sandwich relied more on its condiments than on the main attraction. the bread is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and they hollow it out a little so that it's concave. A catfish cradle, if you will.

nb: The location on 25th and Lexington does not have seating, and I think this is a sandwich you want to sit for. The one on St. Mark's has tables so you can rest your haunches.

Monday, April 12, 2010

a happy marriage

i know i said i was going to tell you guys about my trip to the south, but on second thought, it's not that interesting. long story short, they will melt cheese on anything down there. and i took advantage of it. shamelessly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the other day i put something crazy on my tongue. the story starts here:
some time ago a gentleman named karl stayed in my apartment for a good month. karl, consider this suggestion your contribution to the rent paid in full.

clementines and sriracha. a happy marriage.
i pretty much put sriracha on everything i eat, and in some ways i feel like it is ruining food for me. i can no longer enjoy an egg and cheese without this sauce. when it's not around, pizza is whatever, and now i can't even have a clementine without wishing that sriracha was near. when karl suggested the two together, i held back, but then i thought, how can something that is good on everything be bad on this one thing?

well, it was incredible. another victory for sriracha, ya'll. this combination brought out the sweetness of the sauce and left me with that spicy after taste i crave. as my roommate pointed out, it's a fun communal activity because you get to pass the sriracha back and forth. social snacking!

Friday, April 9, 2010


why look at photos of sandwiches when you can look at SCANS of sandwiches?? well now you can. look at this shit, it's the best use of a scanner since office-prank butt scans. it's based out of nyc, and each scanned-wich has a description of the sandwich and where you can get it, unless it's homemade. get down.

what i ate yesterday

yesterday i ate a cheese pizza.
there is some left so i plan on eating cheese pizza today as well.
we are out of sriracha in my household, i exhausted the rest to make fried rice yesterday, which is a tragedy, so i've been using trader joe's brand jalapeno chili hot sauce.
actually, i just ate a slice.
forgive me.
it was delicious.
so sweet.
and so cold.